lost for words

drama, spoken word


strong language, sexual references, parental abuse

45 mins

St Anne's

Thu at 18:00

Fri at 19:30

Sun at 15:30

The Feel Good Larder

Sat at 13:30

Sun at 13:15

This is a pay-what-you-will-show. There are no tickets but there will be a bucket-collection.

You can also make cash or card donations at the central box office or donate an eFringer credit if you have one available.

lost for words

Moses is growing up on a remote Island; he's a middle aged supermarket worker; a teenage new wave fan; he's lost the puffins; he's on the pull; his wife is missing; his son won't speak to him. Moses is dying, he is thinking about his life, his abusive father, his distanced son, his lost wife - he is imagining his funeral.

Travellers uses a mix of monologue and poetry to convey the fractured memories of a man's life using only the words he gives others in speeches, conversations, voice messages, letters and poems. It is a piece exploring the many roles we play during our life, and how a character's many changing voices create the personas they display to others, charting the loves, losses and indifferences of their life.

Travellers is Nathan Rodney-Jones' - 'lost for words' - second show at the Fringe. He is a writer and performer working between Devon and Norwich, where he studies Creative Writing at the University of East Anglia.