Going On Taw
Courage Copse Creatives

spoken word & live music

all ages

55 mins

Barnstaple Museum

Sat at 15:00

Queen Anne's Cafe - outside

Fri at 17:00

Sat at 17:00

This is a pay-what-you-will-show. There are no tickets but there will be a bucket-collection.

You can also make cash or card donations at the central box office or donate an eFringer credit if you have one available.

Going On Taw
Courage Copse Creatives

Going on Taw (GoT) is an18-month storytelling & poetry project that started in January 2023.

Katy Lee, Lead artist and Creative Producer swam, walked and canoed the Taw speaking to experts, gathering stories and working with seven different community groups. The community participants' thoughts and imaginings about the river were written on the canoe that Katy paddled down the Taw and have shaped the content, alongside her own writings and musings, for a live professional riverbank storytelling, poetry and music performance.

Katy worked with 172 participants from 4 primary school classes along the length of the River Taw, Barnstaple Memory Cafe, Barnstaple Youth Centre & ESOL students at Sunrise Diversity. A poetry pen-pal scheme was set up between the primary schools along the length of the Taw and with Sunrise Diversity; poems travelled up and down the river, gathering in size.

Seven podcasts and short films accompany the performance and can be viewed along with photographs and the Going on Taw canoe at the exhibition at the Museum of Barnstaple and North Devon, 18th May - 6th July 2024. Katy has worked with composer David Smale, filmmaker Jessica Pearson and photographer and canoe builder, Vince Large.