Toby Belch is Unwell
Fetch Theatre

comedy, drama


swearing, drinking, sexual innuendo

50 mins

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Toby Belch is Unwell
Fetch Theatre

Toby Belch is unwell, the years of louche living, late nights and debauchery have taken their toll and now he faces his end with the knowledge that he is seen as a buffoon, a sot and a bully. He could have been Hamlet, he could have been Macbeth... Is this his epitaph?

Returning after his sell out show in 2023, Sidney Keane brings us a louche, loud and largely drunk Toby Belch, whose years a fast catching up with him.

''An extraordinarily honest and viscerally powerful performance from Sidney Kean and a sly subversive script from John Knowles. It's a blistering howl of outrage from the also-rans and under achievers of life presented with utter stripped back simplicity, humour and verve. If you go to the theatre to share in something real, connect to your deepest humanity, hopes and fears, be transported and to feel more... then this is the show for you."
`Patrick Kealey Actor / Director

''An imaginative amplification of Shakespeare's Toby Belch, with moods ranging from the sentimental and nostalgic to envious, funny and sharp.''