Am I Predictable?
Chris Tennant - Magician

magic, psychic, mind reading, psychological


possible language

60 mins

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Am I Predictable?
Chris Tennant - Magician

Chris Tennant returns to TheatreFest with his brand new mind reading, psychological show Am I Predictable?. Guaranteed to have you questioning your decisions while being amazed.

Combining Chris's passion and skill for psychological trickery, along with stand up humour to create a unique show that you will never forget.

Chris is a multi-award winning magician, creator and consultant. He has worked for many TV, theatre and movies providing his expert knowledge to create bespoke effects.

Chris is also a Member of the Magic Circle, was a headline performer for the House of Illusion in Spain for 3 years and is a regular guest for shows across the UK and Europe.

Am I Predictable is Chris's third one-man theatre show that is being performed alongside a second show, The Secret Show, which is a more intimate show for only 20 people at a time. This show will be highlighting Chris's expert close up skills in an enviroment that you would not normally be able to experience.

Make sure you do not miss either of Chris's shows this year and book in advance!