Dot, the Faun and the Elfin Child
Dotdotdot Theatre



brief sexual violence

55 mins


Fri at 18:45

Sat at 16:15

Sun at 18:30

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Dot, the Faun and the Elfin Child
Dotdotdot Theatre

It’s the summer of the pandemic and Dot’s teenage daughter is driving her mother bananas as she deals with the rigours of home education and her own midlife “what’s become of me?” crisis. Her precocious elfin daughter of course has her own issues - getting through her studies without her beloved father at home - whilst toying with her own ideas of “who will I become?”

Enter one very mischievous Faun hotfoot from France who provides some welcome relief for them both as he injects fun and music and mayhem into their garden, relieving the tension and terminal boredom they both have to suffer.

Now play is one thing of course, but it can very quickly get out of hand. Ask any actor!! Especially if you have a suggestible imagination. What will happen when Monsieur Faun changes his tune and they each want a piece of him? Playful, comedic, physical, intelligent, poignant, theatrical. A new play well worth the watch and one you’ll be talking about and discussing after the show. An antidote to the diet of adaptation and musicalisation we get in our theatres today.