DRAENOGGIN: 3 tales of old and new



mild fantasy threat

30 mins

Castle Centre

Fri at 16:45

Sat at 16:45

Sun at 16:15

Online ticket sales will open on Jun 01.

DRAENOGGIN: 3 tales of old and new

JackShaw is based in North Devon and Bristol. We are a company with lots of experience in puppet making who are eager to take our puppets to the stage for the first time!

Our fascination is with the power of folk tradition to connect us to our history and to the stranger, sillier parts of ourselves so often forgotten by everyday life.

Taking inspiration from old folk myths and legends as well as the shows we grew up with, we tell three stories, a mix of original and traditional, about the creatures of riddles and mystery that populate our folklore. First, laugh at the whimsy and mischief of the sly knocker-elf. Second, learn how to save a person who has been kidnapped by the changeling fae. Third, witness the might of a magical heron and the brave hero who saved his village from its sharp beak.

We want to whisk away both children and adults alike and leave them captivated and imagining stories of their own.