Amanita Grove
Amanita Grove

music, dance, spoken word

all ages

60 mins

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Amanita Grove
Amanita Grove

“Deep into the forest we go
A path less taken, where the trees hang low
In a clearing bright as day
A stag appears, showing the way
The trees get closer, the shadows play
Fruiting bodies come what may
The mycelium grows it intertwines
Showing the way to join their kind”

Amanita Grove started out as a duo featuring Cheryl Silvawood on vocals and Jules Moberly on Spanish guitar, and has evolved into a multicultural collaboration (collective) of musicians playing Afro-Latin jazz with a twist, and as a theatrical music performance interweaves vocals with spoken word and dance.

With a love for nature connection, music and improvisation, Amanita Grove aims to spread threads of joy and positivity through their musical mycelial network.