An Audience with Henry VIII
RGR Productions

comedy, drama


60 mins

Golden Lion Tap

Sat at 16:15

Sat at 21:30

Sun at 16:30

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An Audience with Henry VIII
RGR Productions

Henry VIII died in 1547. Now it’s 2022 - he’s still waiting to meet God and he’s running out of patience. Our most famous King meets a 21st Century audience. Heads will roll.

‘From the moment Henry VIII storms the stage, he rules the house and the hour’.
The Kansas City Pitch

‘Gurney-Randall performs with an infectious sense of humour and this is anything but dry history. It’s a comic romp that at times reaches palpable poignancy’.
Kansas City Star

‘Excellent writing was complimented by Gurney-Randall”s polished, commanding performance that gave it to us straight from the horse’s mouth. The show ended in tumultuous applause.’
The Latest Magazine

‘Witty and incisive. Highly recommended show.’

No strong language, no nudity. Some violence is mentioned.