Jane puts her finger on it
Dreamshed theatre



60 mins

Room At The Top

Thu at 18:00

Fri at 18:00

Sat at 14:00

Sat at 18:00

Sun at 14:00

Sun at 17:00

This is a pay-what-you-will-show. There are no tickets but there will be a bucket-collection.

You can also make cash or card donations at the central box office or donate an eFringer credit if you have one available.

Jane puts her finger on it
Dreamshed theatre

Dreamshed theatre return with a new event hosted by Scottish psychic Jimmy Davidson and starring Jane Moss, Cheltenham's answer to Old Mother Shipton.

Whatever your fears or doubts, rest assured that Jane will put her finger on it!

This breakthrough show marks a diversion from Dreamshed's usual fare of cutting-edge new drama as we explore the mysteries of the human mind!

Dreamshed theatre is a regular on the Fringe festival circuit and since the company's launch in 2003, has performed in venues across the UK.

Bill Cronshaw the company's artistic director is an experienced actor, writer and director. We are committed to encouraging opportunities for professional and amateur actors alike regardless of whether they be experienced or newcomers to the world of theatre. One of our main aims is to bring live performance to as varied a range of venues as possible and whenever we can to help raise funds for good causes.