Cosmic Twegheads
Jack & Jordan

sketch comedy


mild language

60 mins

Castle Centre

Thu at 19:00

Fri at 18:00

Sat at 19:30

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Cosmic Twegheads
Jack & Jordan

We’ve all got a tweghead in our life. Someone who is, to put it politely, with tweg. But it's an astronomical fact that nobody is as tweggish as sketch-comedy superstars and lifelong best buddies, Jack and Jordan. In this deeply left-field sketch-comedy bonanza, they’ll invite you aboard their patented flying ironing board for a whirlwind tour of the universe, stopping at the cats eyes factory, the quaint village of Wobbledge-on-Jelly, and of course, the pub. So, put aside your twegful preconceptions for an hour and let these two show you what makes a tweghead truly cosmic.

Jack & Jordan are a comedy duo based in the South West. Their silly style lends itself to absurd songs about household appliances, larger-than-life characters with regional accents, and a lot of inferred weeing for some reason - don’t read into it too much.

Last year, they toured their 5-star rated sketch comedy bonanza A Sketch Show up and down the M5 to critical acclaim (the acclaim was for their sketches, not their motorway etiquette - although their motorway etiquette is absolutely spot on for boys of their age).

Now, alongside their weekly improv podcast & regular gigs around the South West, these COSMIC TWEGHEADS are hitting the road once again - with sights set on Edinburgh Fringe in the summer.