Nathan & Ida's Hot Dog Stand
Nathan & Ida

comedy, theatre


45 mins

Baptist Hall

Thu at 18:30

Fri at 22:15

Sat at 19:15

Nathan & Ida's Hot Dog Stand
Nathan & Ida

Nathan and Ida Hardwerker leave the old country to build a better life for themselves in the New World: taking with them nothing but a will to succeed and a secret recipe for sauce.

Encountering villains and vaudevillians, they go on a surreal journey through life, love, death and danger as they chase their dream of becoming purveyors of fine fairground foods and opening the greatest hot dog stand Coney Island has ever seen!

A feast of physical comedy served with generous helpings of clowning, mime, dance and a pinch of puppetry (with hints of the classic cartoons), this fast-paced, two-hander evokes tantalising tastes of a glorious bygone era: silent movies, carnival rides and sepia-toned postcards.

An award-winning comedy rollercoaster with heart, very loosely based on a real life hot dog stand.

"I'm in awe of how brilliantly executed the entire thing is.”

"These performers have it all - charm, talent, timing and guts. You gotta admire their moxie! I loved it. The audience loved it.”

“This show left me with a warm glow inside, a smile on my lips and a tear in my eye.”

'Absolutely amazing!’ 'Funny, heartwarming, quirky'

Audience members, Swindon Fringe Festival 2018

“They made me laugh-cry-gasp and more! Bloody wonderful show!… Most adorable romance since the first 10 minutes of Up!”

Audience tweet, Brighton Fringe Festival 2018

Winner: Best Performance, Swindon Fringe Festival 2018
Winner: Best Comedy, Buxton Festival Fringe 2018
Shortlisted: Balkan/Otherplace Award, Brighton Fringe Festival 2018
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