Tent on the Strand

Jungle Stories @ The Tent
Puppet Roadshow

A colourful, cute, comedy performance about animal friendships with masks and puppets. Gentle audience participation with no pressure to join in. Meet the puppets after the show.

Adventures in the jungle for all.

Age 3-7 20 mins
Kobold & Co Live
Kobold & Co

Join Kobold & Co for an evening of tabletop tomfoolery. We’ll take you on an improvised adventure over mountain and under hill. Who knows? Maybe you’ll become an adventurer too…

An evening of adventurous tomfoolery.

Thu , Fri , Sat
(content) Age 18+ 90 mins
Pathfield present...
Pathfield School

These awesome students from Pathfield School's Drama & Music group and Choir are guaranteed to impress with their great sense of fun, enjoyment and talent!

Awesome students from Pathfield School guaranteed to impress.

Thu , Fri
Age all ages 35 mins
Punch&Judy at the Seaside @ The Tent
Puppet Roadshow

A North Devon version, featuring all your favourite characters and some surprise Devonian characters to add a bit of local colour and suspense. Audience participation encouraged!

Traditional Punch and Judy show.

(content) Age all ages 30 mins
Silly Squirrel @ The Tent
Above Bounds Theatre Collective

Deep in the woods on the big oak tree lives a little squirrel with big ideas. This is Silly Squirrel! Pull up a picnic blanket and join Above Bounds in a puppet show for ages 0-7.

A squirrel with big ideas.

Age 0-7 30 mins
We'll let you Know
Dreamshed Theatre

Bill Cronshaw launches his new book 'Speak the Speech' in this light-hearted and entertaining foray into the auditioning process. For practitioners and theatregoers alike.

Light-hearted foray into the auditioning process.

Fri , Sat , Sun
Age 16+ 55 mins