A Party for my Uncle Brian

comedy, drama


some strong language

50 mins

Golden Lion Tap

Thu at 21:30

Sat at 16:15

Sun at 17:30

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A Party for my Uncle Brian

Dear friend, relative, acquaintance, good Samaritan, passer-by, innocent bystander, reluctant colleague, etc. etc.

I (Joe) am throwing a birthday party for my Uncle Brian (my best friend who deserves the world).

There will be cake and squash and I've hired Barry Manilow.

Please turn up.


A Party for My Uncle Brian is the newest play from jarfrog.

Their third production as a company, this piece of new writing utilises comedy and drama to explore the loneliness epidemic and the subsequent cravings for attention, validation and companionship that are produced by a seemingly isolated world.

Directed by Alfie Dale, this one man show follows Joe (George Bennett) as he attempts to throw the best birthday party anyone has ever had for his illusive Uncle Brian. Will it be a success? Will anyone turn up? Where is Uncle Brian?

Directed by Alfie Dale
Written, designed and performed by George Bennett
Produced by jarfrog
With additional thanks to Fiona Wagstaff & Louise Bennett

jarfrog was founded by George Bennett and Alfie Dale whilst studying at Wimbledon College of Arts. They aim to make collaborative, non-hierarchical, design-driven work to engage and entertain. A Party for My Uncle Brian is their third show, following Messenger (2021, Barnstaple Fringe Theatrefest, Devon) and BEGIN: (2022, Barnstaple Fringe Theatrefest, Devon & The Bread & Roses Theatre, London).