Boy Parts
Devon Rose Theatre

modern drama


strong language, upsetting themes

60 mins

Golden Lion Tap

Thu at 18:00

Sat at 18:00

Sun at 19:00

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Boy Parts
Devon Rose Theatre

By arrangement with Nick Hern Books.

‘I wonder what I have to do for people to recognise me as a threat. Do I have to smash a glass over the head of every single man I come into contact with, just so I leave a mark?'

Irina takes erotic photos of average-looking men. Always behind the lens, she watches, she moulds, and she stalks. These boys are putty in her hands, just the way she likes it.

Adapted by Gillian Greer from the critically acclaimed debut novel by Eliza Clark, which was a finalist for the Women's Prize Futures Award, Boy Parts is a pitch-black psychological thriller that subverts the erotic gaze and asks what happens when our need for connection gets twisted. This one woman play will have you laugh, cry and ultimately shocked.

Devon Rose Theatre are looking forward to bringing their first production EVER to the Fringe. We thank Bill and Gill for their continued support and thank all the wonderful volunteers at the Fringe Theatrefest Barnstaple for their hard work!