God, the devil and me
God, the devil and me tour 2024

theatre comedy


Strong language, ED and mental health references

60 mins


Thu at 21:30

Sat at 19:00

Sun at 14:15

Online ticket sales will open on Jun 01.

God, the devil and me
God, the devil and me tour 2024

Gabe is a perfectly average teenager, with perfectly average problems… except his best friends are God and the Devil. Gabe will have to navigate the trials of adolescence, all whilst keeping two omnipotent beings in tow.In this rip- roaring adventure, loyalties will be tested, revelations will be made and perceptions will be challenged.

This one hour adventure is a a first time full piece by writer and director- fionn donnelly. Our company comes from Warminster, in Wiltshire and many are first time fringe performers. The play has been developed through r and d with the original concept and script created by fionn. Fionn toured fringe festivals in 2019 with the cast of ten days that shook the world (written by Jane morris and performed at Barnstaple and elsewhere).

Keep a hold of your hats for this comedic exploration of what it means to be a teenager and how perception is personal. Be prepared to laugh, to feel and to question everything you know.

Word of warning - the cast will be in character on entry and exit and be prepared to have a conversation with god and the devil. Audience participation is in the show, but if anyone feels unsure of joining in, we want to be inclusive so you can let us know if you would like to skip out by giving a note to the door staff.

We can’t wait for people to see the show and we hope it offers something out of this world.