The Monkey's Guide to Deicide

comedy, drama, storytelling


strong language

50 mins


Thu at 19:45

Sat at 13:45

Sat at 20:45

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The Monkey's Guide to Deicide

i.e. is a theatre company and creative collective that makes... stuff. Sometimes we act. Sometimes we sing. And, more often than not, we tell stories.

The legend of Sun Wukong - the self-proclaimed Monkey King who shakes the foundations of the Heavens and embarks on a great Journey to the West - is a wildly compelling tale with origins largely lost in the mists of time. It features demons, dragons, heroes, villains, monsters, magic, and even the Buddha himself.

And yet, the monkey steals the show. Riding a cloud, wielding a shape-changing staff and a truly absurd amount of superpowers, Sun Wukong is immortal in every sense of the word. Born from a rock and born TO rock, his popularity, rather than fade into time, has only grown over the past 500 years.

In The Monkey's Guide to Deicide, i.e. ask... why? What makes this primate so special? This unique spin on the classic tale sees mythology's hairiest rebel without a cause exploding onto the stage to remind audiences that you can't spell Revolution without Evolution.