Native Wit
Imùlè Theatre

comedy, physical theatre, dance, song and drum


60 mins

Bridge Chambers

Thu at 19:00

Fri at 19:15

Sat at 16:45

Sun at 18:00

This is a pay-what-you-will-show. There are no tickets but there will be a bucket-collection.

You can also make cash or card donations at the central box office or donate an eFringer credit if you have one available.

Native Wit
Imùlè Theatre

Imùlè Theatre
Ayodele Scott and David Evans in the ‘Agbo play’

The artists conjure a spirit of playfulness, love and joy, stitching together fragments of their African childhoods to create a dazzling patchwork. Rich in surprises, this is an hilarious, humane and ultimately life-affirming exploration of their experiences of colonial West Africa.

Award winning and multi-disciplinary, these performers blend decades of experience to combine drumming, dance, singing and clowning with physical theatre. Each proceeding scene is randomly drawn by an audience member from a market trader’s basket to create a theatre experience unique to every performance.

‘Agbo play’ from Sierra Leone playfully engages everyone as creative participants through chanting, singing, clapping and laughter.

Based in Crediton, Devon, Imùlè Theatre was founded in 1990 by David Evans to explore the relationship between colonialism, the environment and indigenous cultures.

Ayodele joined Imùlè in 1994. Despite having worked with Wole Soyinka, Augusto Boal, Peter Brook and Jerzy Grotowski, Ayo introduced his indigenous theatre making approach from Freetown.

Agbo Play fuses performers and spectators in African street theatre to create a playful and restorative experience.

“Full of effervescence – lovely relationship between the performers – touching stories”
Theatrefest review- 2023