Bridge Chambers

Fools' Journey
ichinen sanzen productions

An energetic and empathic whirlwind of a show. Two internal dialogues let loose on the stage in a journey through all our shared archetypes. "Probably the fringiest show of the fringe!"

An empathic whirlwind of a show

Fri , Sat , Sun
(content) Age 14+ 60 mins
Native Wit
Imùlè Theatre

AGBO PLAY - Sierra Leone. Artists conjure drum, dance, song and clowning to create a spirit of playfulness and joy. "Amazing Show - Wonderful Rhythms - Excellent - See this!"

"Amazing Show - Wonderful Rhythms - See this!"

Thu , Fri , Sat , Sun
Age 9+ 60 mins
The Laurel & Hardy Radio Show
Lucky Dog Theatre Productions

The award-winning duo return! Stan and Ollie recorded several radio shows in the 1940s that were never broadcast. Presented in a live studio setting, you'll think you were there!

The award-winning duo return!

Fri , Sat
Age 8+ 50 mins